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BJR Perfomrmance Free Catalog- Cutter hose end AN fittings

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Call us for free Catalog!

We do specializing in the production of Refitted Parts for more than 10 years,


more than 3000 types Custom Automotive Parts, including Cooling sytem parts, Brake system parts, Hard Line, Fuel Line, 


AN Fittings,Tube and Hose,Silicon Hose and Clamp,Fuel Tank,Oil Filter,Brake Connectors,Throttle Body, Hex Finishers, Tools,

Quick Disconnect Fittings,Valve,Weld fittings,Banjo fittings...

BJR Promise: Free Samples could be offered for your test!

Any new products, 
we are able to design, develop, manufacture your PO according to your drawings, samples or just an idea.


BJR Cutter type AN Fittings

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